Some of our themed courses...

Whether you are a beginner or need a refresher course ahead of your forthcoming stay in France, we will make sure you are equipped to avoid any shyness and confidently engage with your interlocutors!

Our themed courses can be taken in a individual or small group setting to ensure maximum participation and interactions.


Far from just teaching ready-made phrases, we cover some important underlying grammar structures, allowing you to progressively build your own sentences and gain more confidence.

Some of our courses include optional immersion experiences to nurture your learning and make it even more enjoyable!

All levels are welcome. However, in order to benefit the most from our themed courses and to ensure comparable level between participants, beginners are encouraged to get an introductory French course ahead of the seminar itself.

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Beginner French Seminar

"Enchanté : how to introduce yourself and start the conversation in French."

Tailored for a small group to allow maximum participation and interactions, this seminar covers the basics of French casual introductions through different themes and helps you gain some confidence to start a conversation.

We approach some grammatical points throughout, as well as pronunciation. The seminar is run in an intimate and friendly atmosphere to allow you to get comfortable and enjoy your learning. Some French treats will also be provided along the way!

Relocating: France, nous voilà!

Moving to another country can be a daunting enterprise. Our program will help you approach the core themes of relocation, depending on your profile: housing, work, social introductions, family life and schools…

Further A la carte options include discovery weekends, discussions with local specialists and much more. Contact us for any enquiries.

My holiday in France

A great opportunity to discover French or refresh your knowledge ahead of your holiday!

Be confident with greetings, bookings and social interactions.

Being ready will help you make the most of your stay in France by practicing your French in situ and engage with the locals!

Tout shuss: an intensive French course to prepare for your ski holiday

All the content of our Holiday in France seminar, with a winter holiday focus: learn how to discuss ski-pass options, order the perfect mulled wine and debate on the benefits of a good tartiflette with your ski instructor. Alpine delicacies will be provided throughout the course to maintain your concentration level!

Do you speak le vin ?

Fond of la dive bouteille (the divine bottle)? Look no further: with a passion for wine and experience working with the most prestigious French Chateaux, we are delighted to present our Specialist French course dedicated to wine amateurs.

With a focus on French appellations and styles, from choosing the right wine and the right glass to pouring, tasting (obviously!) and commenting (obviously aussi !), we will make sure you leave with enough knowledge in both the wine and French language department to allow for exciting conversations with French business partners, wine amateurs, sommeliers and chateaux owners! 

Property investment in France

Whether you have your eyes on a ski chalet in the Alps, a villa in Provence, a lovely country house in Normandy or a flat in Paris, it is time to understand the world and words of the French property market.

Get acquainted with the vocabulary of buying, renting, visiting…

Your knowledge will make your interlocutors aware you know what you are talking about, saving you some precious time and energy!

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All our services can be purchased as Gift cards to redeem individually or as a group.

We can also offer a totally bespoke program for a special occasion. 

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